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Licensed in 1966 and active since then.

DId CW for the first 12 months and never again until I got interested in QRP a few years ago and I have a difficult time getting back to speed. Sending is fine but copying is the problem.

Over the years I have been operating with AM, SSB, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31 and lately tried FT8.

FT8 is not my cup of tea, I guess each its own.

My favored activity is CW QRP despite it is a struggle but I love it.

We moved from Phoenix to San Diego in November 2008. Moved to Prescott, AZ in April 2019 and we love it here. I am semi retired since January 2019 but my XYL still has to work for another 7 years which gives me plenty of time to play with the radio.

If you hear me on the bands please QRS.


QTH locationThe green shows the antenna mast location.